From October 2022 households across the UK are tightening their purse strings for an unprecedented gas and energy price hike.

Sky-high inflation rates will affect everyone, and hot tub owners might wonder how much their monthly hot tub bill may go up this winter. Luckily there are a few ways that we can recommend keeping your hot tub maintenance costs to a minimum and still enjoy the benefits of a home hot tub all year round in the UK.

How much will it cost to run my hot tub this winter?

The cost of running a hot tub will vary depending on make, model, and size. Naturally running a hot tub will increase your monthly bills and is something to consider when investing in a home hot tub. However, with the correct care and maintenance a hot tub doesn’t have to break the bank. We would recommend a yearly hot tub service to fix any small issues or faults before they cost the earth.

On average most hot tub owners can expect to spend £20 – £40 a month extra on their household bills, and if you are using the hot tub through the winter months this may go up. Bear in mind that energy prices may increase by up to 80% from October 2022, and this will increase the amount you are paying per month to run your hot tub.

How can I keep the costs of running my hot tub down this winter?

If you are intending to keep your hot tub running throughout the winter, we recommend opting for a high-quality hard cover with lots of insulation. This will stop any heat from escaping the hot tub and will save a lot on your energy bill in the long run. There are a few things you can consider when choosing the right hot tub cover:
• Consider foam thickness, density, and R-value
• Choose a thicker, denser foam
• If you are not going to run your hot tub through the winter you may be able to choose a less thick, less expensive cover.

If you are currently in the market for a hot tub, it’s good to consider how big a hot tub you are after. If you are looking for something for yourself and a few family members, opt for a smaller size tub and save on energy to heat it.

It’s also worth looking at your current energy tariff and work out the best deal for you. Ultimately the cost of running your hot tub through the winter may not be worth the hit to your wallet, in which case we would recommend ‘winterising’.

How do I winterise my hot tub?

If you would rather not have your hot tub running all winter, you can winterise your hot tub. This prepares your hot tub for winter by safely shutting it down and making sure it will be good to use again in the spring. Find our full detailed guide on winterising your hot tub here.

1. Prepare the water by letting the chemical levels decrease to avoid releasing them into the environment. Leave the water for a few days and test to check when the chemical levels have dropped to zero.
2. Make sure there is no electricity running to the tub.
3. Drain the hot tub and plumbing lines (remember to empty the pump too!)
4. Remove the filters and give them a clean or look to replacing them if they are too grubby.
5. Blow out the lines thoroughly. This is essential as any left-over water could freeze over in the winter.
6. Clean the hot tub all over.
7. Secure the cover and add additional straps for extra security.

When spring rolls around and you want to start up your hot tub again check out our guide on restarting your hot tub!

Where can I get my hot tub serviced this winter?

Whatever you decide to do with your hot tub this winter, make sure to have an annual hot tub service and keep your hot tub as energy efficient as possible. The team at BMS Spas are fully insured hot tub experts with over five years’ experience. View our hot tub maintenance service options here or get in contact with our expert team today to find out more!