While hot tubs are generally very reliable, there are few problems that worry spa owners more than a dreaded leak. Luckily, hot tub leaks are rare – but if you do suspect your hot tub is leaking, it’s important not to ignore the problem. Leaks are obviously a huge issue for an object that’s filled with water, but you can also cause significant water damage to the surrounding area if you don’t get a leak sorted quickly.

Here’s our guide to some things you can do if you do think your hot tub is leaking, including some info on the common areas that can leak.

Call a professional

Our number one piece of advice when it comes to hot tub leaks is to call a professional. If your spa is leaking a lot, it’s best to get a hot tub engineer out to take a look as soon as possible. Even for minor leaks, we’d recommend speaking to someone who can correctly diagnose the issue and fix it – having peace of mind that a leak isn’t going to recur is extremely important, so you can get back to a worry-free experience with your spa.

Common hot tub parts that leak

In the rest of this article, we’ll cover some common areas of your hot tub that can leak, so if it does happen, you’ll have some information about the first things to check.


Hot tub pumps can be fairly prone to leaks. Make sure to turn off the power before you investigate the area around the pump for leaking water. Often, the problem can be with the pump seal, which can be replaced. If the seal looks good, you’ll likely need to replace the hot tub pump itself.

Hot tub shell

It might surprise you to know that hot tub shells actually leak very rarely. However, if there’s obvious damage to the shell, this could cause a leak. You can repair minor leaks in a hot tub shell using a plastic repair kit, but a serious crack could be more difficult to repair, so speak to a professional if your hot tub shell is damaged.

It’s also a good idea to check around the jets and other components within the hot tub shell, such as any seams or joins. These are more likely to fail than the shell itself.


The other set of parts in your hot tub that could leak are the internal plumbing, like the heater, pipes, jets, or valves. The exact design of different hot tubs will vary, so the list of things to check here will depend on your specific spa. But in general, you can check over most of the internal plumbing by visibly inspecting it for leaks, and if you see any issues, you can try either tightening the relevant pipe or connection, or replacing the part, if it’s a valve.

If you do spot a cracked pipe that’s leaking water, you can try repairing it with a plastic repair kit, but it’s often better to simply replace the pipe.

A leak detecting trick that you can try at home

If you suspect your hot tub is leaking, but you can’t find any obvious cracks or damage and you’ve inspected the internals, plumbing and parts, one thing you can try is to add some food colouring to the water. You can then watch carefully to see where the coloured water first appears, and this should help guide you to the source of the leak.

However, bear in mind that you’ll likely need to drain and refill your spa after doing this. Not only can it upset the sensitive chemical balance of your hot tub, nobody really wants to relax in water that’s a funny colour!

If you’ve got an issue with a leaky hot tub, speak to BMS Spas – our team of friendly, qualified experts can come and get the issue fixed properly. Or, if you’re looking for preventative maintenance to decrease the chance of your spa springing a leak, take a look at our maintenance packages.