We’ve been treated to some beautiful summer weather so far this year. For those lucky enough to have a hot tub this means plenty of gloriously sunny hours to while away in the tub.

But how can you make the most of your hot tub in the summer months, when it may feel a little too warm to jump in?

Do use your hot tub in the early morning or at the end of the day

Avoiding the height of the heat will make your hot tub dip far more enjoyable and less like an overheated bath in the garden.

Why not go for a dip at night? You can even incorporate some star gazing in with your hot tub session.

Don’t overheat

If your hot tub is outside and unsheltered, invest in a sun canopy or gazebo to protect yourself from overheating and burning. Make sure you drink plenty of water too. Sitting out in warm water on a hot day can be very dehydrating, so keep those fluids up!

This idea is great, too, for when the weather inevitably turns, and you need to shelter from the rain. We are British after all; we’re used to adjusting to temperamental weather.

Do turn down the temperature

If just the thought of sitting in warm water on a warm day leaves you sweating, adjust the temperature of the water so you can still enjoy your hot tub. 

Anything below body temperature will feel refreshing and invigorating.  Not only will it save a whole lot of sweating, but it will also save a few pounds for your pocket too.  

Maybe, on the other hand, you just love the heat and would prefer to bask in more tropical temperatures? Good for you! It’s a good idea to keep your soaking sessions to a maximum of 15 minutes at a time, though, to avoid overheating and dehydrating.

Don’t forget to open the cabinet air vents

The motor of your hot tub works hard, pumping the water around the system to circulate the water. It generates a lot of heat on its own which can have a huge impact on the temperature of the water.

To help release some of this heat, see whether your hot tub has any vents fitted. If you manage to locate one, open it up in summer to allow excess heat to escape.

You can also reduce the number of times the water is filtered, and the time the filter cycle takes. Some systems even allow you to change the time of day they are carried out. Changing the cycles to happen at the cooler times of day can help to keep your hot tub from overheating.

Do remember to keep your chemicals topped up and your filters clean

Finally, as you use your hot tub more regularly over the summer months, make sure you keep an eye on your chemical levels. You’ll want to make sure they stay topped up so the water stays clean and safe to sit in.

Ideally, you should be testing your hot tub water every few days – especially if you are enjoying a soak more regularly.

Don’t forget to check and clean your filters more often too. You may find that they need replacing quicker of you have upped your hot tub hours.

Keep your hot tub in tip top condition

As the summer winds down, and your hot tubbing sessions happen less frequently, you should start to think about getting a maintenance and service booked in.

The Autumn and winter months are an ideal time to give your hot tub the once over to keep it in great shape. 

Whilst you could do it yourself, why let this task dampen your enjoyment of your hot tub? Ask a professional to do it for you – you’ll know your tub is being looked after properly and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Check out the maintenance and service packages BMS Spas have on offer. We do repairs, too!