So, you have finally taken the plunge and treated yourself to the luxury of your own hot tub. Now you spend your days whiling away the hours in warm, bubbly, bliss!

Your blissful bubble may be popped if you decide to move your hot tub, however. Whether you’re looking to relocate your tub or are moving house and want to take it with you, it could prove to be a stressful task. But, it can be done.

Before we begin, we really would only recommend moving your hot tub when absolutely necessary. It’s hard work, and you risk damaging your hot tub, which would be a real pain. It may even void any guarantee you have in place.

There are a number of considerations to take into account before the move. Planning is key. Without a plan in place you could find yourself in a sticky situation getting lodged half-way down an alley or dropping the tub down too many stairs.

Here is the lowdown of everything you need to think about and how exactly to move your hot tub.

Practicalities of moving your hot tub

Moving a hot tub is a bit of an undertaking, first they need to be prepared for moving, this means draining. Next, you want to ensure that the new location has the necessary power supply in place to be hooked up and working again. Finally, you have to figure out how on earth you’re going to move the thing.

Hot tubs can weigh anything from 150kg to 517kg depending on the model. It’s unlikely to be a case of simply picking it up and moving it where you like.

Specialist equipment for hot tub removal

Although it is possible to move a hot tub with just a group of your strongest friends, there are pieces of specialist equipment which make moving one much easier. These include a spa dolly or sled, ramps, and an inflatable Spa Wedge.

Additional bits of equipment which will help with the move include:

Wood – ideally 4×4 lumber, for lifting the hot tub off the ground, making it easier to slide onto a dolly.
Blankets – to protect your hot tub from scratches, dents and breakages during the move.

Moving Straps – to keep the tub as still as possible. The less chance of movement the better.

Are there any obstacles in the way?

As we have already mentioned, hot tubs are heavy! They are pretty bulky too and difficult to manouver around tight corners. Even with the right equipment.

Before you even unplug your hot tub, plan the route you will take out of the garden.

Note the height and width of your hot tub and compare it to the height and width of the path you’re going take. Hopefully your hot tub will fit easily along your route. Make sure you also factor in the path to the new location. 

Obstacles in the garden make an already tricky job a lot worse. They can include:

  • Fences
  • Steps (ideally there would be no more than 6 steps without a landing)
  • Alleyways
  • Guttering
  • Gates
  • Protruding electric and gas metres, vents and flus
  • Overhanging branches
  • Low eaves.

It’s also worth checking whether there is enough clearance when negotiating corners. If you have a 90-degree turn, the tub just isn’t going to make it. You’ll have to look for a straight alternative.

In some instances, there could be no choice except to hire a crane and lift the hot tub over the house. Or ask your kindly neighbours if they’ll let you remove a fence panel and come through their garden instead.

Moving your hot tub

Once you are confident that you can get your hot tub to the new location without much trouble, it’s time to do the heavy lifting! Here are the steps you will want to follow.

Draining and disconnecting your hot tub

Fist thing’s first, you will need to drain the tub. We’re not just talking about the pool here; you also need to drain the pipes and pump. It’s not a difficult process if you have the right equipment, it can be done in 5 easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the power supply
  2. Connect a hose to the drain valve
  3. Open the drain valve to release the water. If possible, you will want to release the water close to a drain to avoid flooding your garden!
  4. Use a wet-dry vac to clear the remaining water
  5. Clean the hot tub. Use this opportunity to give the tub a thorough clean and repair any surface damage.

These steps may differ depending on your model. You should have information on how to drain your hot tub in the literature supplied.

Don’t forget to keep all the wires and pipes neat and tidy to avoid damage during the move.

Lift the hot tub onto moving equipment

Once your tub is drained, cleaned and ready to transport, the first thing you need to do is raise the tub off the floor and on to its side. Having the tub stood upright reduces the width and makes it easier to get through narrow areas of your garden.

This is a tricky step of the process and the one most likely to damage your tub. If it falls on its side with too much force, your relocation could end up being to the tip, not your new home.

An inflatable spa wedge comes in handy here, it works by sliding under the base of the tub and gently tips it onto its side as the wedge inflates.

If you can’t get an inflatable spa wedge, you’ll have to get hands on with a few strong friends. There will need to be at least 4 of you, but the more the merrier (and easier). Use a piece of 4×4 lumber to raise the tub from the ground. Lift one corner at a time and slide the wood under for support. Once it is raised off the ground you will find it easier to tip the tub onto its side.

Manoeuvre the hot tub onto a dolly or two, cover with blankets if using and secure it with straps to prevent movement or falls.

Tip: make sure the side you are tipping the hot tub onto doesn’t have any control panels which could break with the weight.

Carefully move your hot tub

With your hot tub safely attached to the dolly you can begin the journey. Take it slow and steady to prevent accidents caused by uneven ground. It’s also a good idea to have a person on each side checking for clearance. Loading your hot tub onto a regular removal lorry is not likely to be your best option. A specialist trailer, with an experienced driver, will make life much easier and reduce the chances of damage during transit.

Placing your hot tub in its new location

Once you have reached the new spot it’s time to get your hot tub in place. Handle with care, you don’t want to go to all the effort of moving the tub only to break it at the final point.

If you used wood when lifting your hot tub, use it again here. You will be less likely to damage your tub when resting it on the floor. Take each piece of lumber out one piece at a time and you’re done.

All that’s left to do now is to get the tub hooked up and filled with water. Then you can sit back and relax those aching muscles.

Call in the professionals to move your hot tub

We know what you’re thinking – that sounds like a lot of hard work and stress, and not the way you would like to spend your day off. So, we have an easier option for you.

Quite frankly, the easiest way to move your hot tub is to get professionals in to do it for you! We have all the specialist equipment at our fingertips and an abundance of experience that makes moving a hot tub much easier.

A specialist company will have knowledge of moving a tub from all locations, so not much can baffle a professional team. They will know where the pain points are likely to be and most likely have a solution to get around them too. This gives you the confidence that there is unlikely to be any damage caused by a clumsy move.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is they are going to have full insurance. So, should anything unfortunate happen, you’re covered. If you had roped in your mates on the other hand, you would have to cover any accidents.

Here at BMS Spas, we are fully equipped to get your hot tub relocated. If you are based in Norfolk and need your tub somewhere else or, indeed, if you’re coming in the other direction, get in touch with us to arrange a site survey.