If you’re a new hot tub owner, you’ll probably want to jump right in as soon as it’s installed! But to get the most from your hot tub you will have to wait for it to get up to temperature, and as most hot tubs hold up to 320 gallons of water this can take a while. On average hot tub water heats up by 3°C-6°C per hour, so an average hot tub will take 4-6 hours to fully heat up.


What temperature should a hot tub be?

Hot tub temperature depends on personal preference, but you should consider the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the water at a safe temperature. Generally hot tubs will be between 36°C and 39°C.

If you have children using the hot tub, it is recommended to reduce the temperature to around 35°C.


Can you make a hot tub heat up quicker?

Although heating up your hot tub isn’t going to be immediate, there are a few ways to speed up the process!

  • Use a quality hot tub cover to avoid losing heat out the top of the hot tub. This also prevents evaporation which can alter the sanitiser levels.
  • Make sure the hot tub cover fits properly to avoid losing heat through gaps and opt for a high-quality foam.
  • In addition to a quality cover a thermal spa blanket that sits on the surface of the water can help to keep some additional heat in.
  • Maintain your hot tub regularly and check the components are running efficiently. We recommend a full, professional hot tub service at least once a year, and cleaning the filter every time you use the hot tub (or 2-3 times a week with daily use).
  • Turn on the jets as the water starts to reach temperature to ensure the warm water is circulating and to break up cold pockets of water within the pipes.
  • If you’re using your hot tub regularly, avoid turning it off completely. Sleep modes are a good way to keep water at a warm temperature when not in use, meaning it will heat up quicker when needed.


Things to consider when heating up a hot tub

There are a few reasons that your hot tub make take longer to heat up:

  • Ambient temperature, naturally the colder it is, the longer it will take to heat up your hot tub!
  • The type and size of hot tub, more water will take longer to heat, and different hot tubs use different components with varying qualities of insulation.
  • The efficiency of the hot tub heater, this can be negated with consistent maintenance, but all brands will be slightly different.
  • The starting water temperature (as mentioned above keeping your hot tub warm consistently will speed up the time it takes to heat up).


Where can I get an annual hot tub maintenance?

At BMS Spas we offer hot tub maintenance, hot tub repairs, and hot tub removal throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge. Get in touch today for a free quotation!