Hot tubs can be large, awkwardly shaped and very heavy – over 500kg for some models. So, moving them can be difficult and should only be done when you really have to. Just how difficult depends on a number of factors:

  • The size and weight of your particular model
  • The condition of your tub
  • The route from point A to point B
  • Who and what you have to help you move it.

Rest assured, however, there will almost always be a way! It just requires a bit of planning.

Preparing your hot tub for removal

Obviously, you will need to disconnect and drain your hot tub before removal. But it’s not as simple as draining the water from the main body of the tub. You also need to remove water from the pump and pipes.

It’s worth then taking some time to check the condition of your hot tub and repair any cracks before you attempt to move the tub. This will help prevent any further damage resulting from the stresses of the move.

Planning your route

Before you begin the move, carefully assess the route throughout the entire journey the tub needs to take. Know the dimensions of your tub and measure any gaps you need to squeeze through in terms of both width and height. Do you need to remove any fence panels? Or trim overhanging branches? Can you avoid steps? Is there space to get it round any corners?

Don’t forget to do this at the tub’s destination too. It’s all well and good getting out at point A, but if you can’t get it in at point B, you have a problem on your hands!

Get the right help

You may think you can save a bit of money by getting a few mates in to help you move the hot tub. That could work for you – but make sure you have plenty of pairs of hands, and the right equipment to help. Using a dolly to move the hot tub will make life a lot easier. Wrapping it carefully will minimise the risk of damage. You also need to ensure you have a suitable lorry or trailer for transporting the hot tub to its new home – and a competent driver who is used to transporting bulky loads!

It’s important to check whether you risk voiding your warranty by moving the tub yourself as this could make any future repairs more costly.

The alternative is to get some professional help. It could end up saving you money in the long-run as they can ensure best practice is followed throughout the move, they should be fully insured, they have all the gear to make the move as simple as possible, and they can even install your hot tub at the other end – one less job for you!

For a more detailed guide on moving your hot tub, visit our guide here.

If you’re in the Norfolk area and need help moving your hot tub, please get in touch with our professional team.