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If you’re moving house, chances are that you’re going to want to take your hot tub with you. Have you wondered how you’re going to move it? They’re big, bulky and heavy.

The good news – you don’t need to move it. We’ll do it for you!

No two moves are the same so we’ve developed a range of specialist tools in our repertoire to help. We have a custom-made spa trailer and dolly to ensure your hot tub is delivered securely and safely. Our brave team have negotiated steps, slopes and tiny gaps over the years! Our sister company, BMS Norfolk, specialises in home maintenance, so removing gutters or fence panels won’t cause us any issue. All of this, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re fully insured, makes for a worry-free move.

Planning your hot tub relocation

Step 1

We strongly recommend a site survey of both where we’re moving the hot tub from, and to. If you’re within Dereham in Norfolk, we can do this for free. We are happy to travel further afield and will gladly provide a cost for conducting site surveys anywhere in the country.

If a site survey isn’t a possibility, we will ask you supply photos of the hot tub and the routes we’ll need to take to get it off of your property and on to the new one. We will also need measurements of the hot tub and any narrow openings. The accuracy of these measurements is your responsibility.


Step 2

We will provide a quote for the move based on the size, location, distance to travel and the routes, taking into account any access difficulties.

Step 3

We will agree a date for your move and ensure our team are on-site at the agreed time. If required, we can treat the hot tub and drain it down before we begin the move. Alternatively, you can drain and disconnect the hot tub before we arrive.

Step 4

The move! We will take care of your hot tub all the way to its new home, where we will manoeuvre it into position. If the appropriate power supply is already in place, we can set your hot tub up so it’s ready to go. You might be glad of a dip after a day of moving!

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