If you’re new to hot tub ownership, you may be wondering what’s the ideal hot tub temperature if you’re in the UK. Well, there are various factors to consider, with personal preference being one of the main ones.

However, as a guide, a good hot tub temperature in the UK would be between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius.

There are no regulations in the UK around hot tub temperatures. However, most hot tub factory settings will be set at 38°C, which is a good place to start.

Adjusting your hot tub temperature

Whilst we’ve recommended an optimum temperature range for your hot tub, deciding the perfect temperature for you will depend on a number of factors.

Who is using the hot tub? You’ll need to agree a temperature that everyone is comfortable with. Often one person may prefer the temperature a degree or so warmer than someone else, so you may well find you need to come up with a compromise! See our note below about children using the hot tub.

What are you using the hot tub for? If it’s purely relaxation, you may choose a slightly lower temperature than if you are using it for specific muscle relief.

How is your health? If you are pregnant, have cardiovascular problems or are subject to fits, you should always seek medical advice before using a hot tub. You may be advised to reduce the temperature – or to not use the hot tub at all.

What time of year is it? In the summer, you may find you want to reduce the temperature of your hot tub by a degree or so, or maybe even further so you can use your hot tub to cool off. These adjustments can have the added benefit of reducing your running costs over the summer months.

The best way to find the ideal temperature for you is to experiment by adjusting the thermostat on your hot tub.

Maximum hot tub temperature

It is not recommended to set your hot tub temperature to over 40°C. This can be potentially harmful and should be avoided. Even just 10 minutes sat in hot water can raise your body temperature higher than 38°C which increases the risk of dehydration and fainting, and even heat stroke.

Hot tub temperature for children

Children are less able to regulate their body temperature. We therefore recommend that where children are using the hot tub, the temperature is reduced to 35°C. Children can quickly overheat, so they must be supervised at all times and not stay in the hot tub for more than 10 minutes. Children under five years of age should stay out of the hot tub altogether.

Maintaining your hot tub temperature

Once you’ve found the ideal temperature for your hot tub, you’ll want to try and keep it there at a consistent heat. Using the built in thermostat should largely take care of that for you. But it’s also important to have a good quality, well-fitting hot tub cover. This will help maintain the temperature of your hot tub as efficiently as possible. It’s also important to maintain your hot tub on a regular basis to keep everything in good working order.

If you are local to Norfolk and need a hand with keeping your hot tub in top working order, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.